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Angelina – I Don’t Need Your Love (3Way Edit)

My very first edit, I used the house intro from the remix, and then for the verse I put in the freestyle remix, then for the break I put in the original, and ended the song with a loud clash. It was just for a CD I was making and being bored. (2001)

Masters At Work – HA Dance (Lex Edit)

This song has been edited and sampled a bazillion times and I am one of the people whos victimized this song.  I had gotten the song from a mixed CD so I just took the chant from the beginning and used for the end. I also looped the line “I’ll see you after the function” a few times. (2002)

Those Guys – Tonite (Lex Chopped Edit)

I just love this record, but it’s just a DUB mix and pretty long too. I decided to chop it up for a CD I was making. I took it from a mere 12 minutes to 6. It made me love the song even more! I still can’t believe she did it in a Buick though, who does that? (2005)



Lex - You’ve Already Got Someone

This song was my first real attempt at recording a song on my own. I used those ghetto computer microphones, along with a strong reverb. The hook caught attention and good feedback. However, I was unable to write verses for the song unfortunately. This was written for “someone” whom I was into and not receiving the attention I wanted, so I finally came to the conclusion they already had someone….boohoo. Sampled “Never Leave You” by Lumidee for this track. (2003)

That Kid Chris - Lost Our Minds (Lex Vocal Version)

Introduced to TKC by my boy Dominick and I became a fan of his work. Thus, finding “Lost Our Minds” I was blown away by the production or was it that bottle of Old English? So I just hit record and everything just came out. Dominic also advised me to remove some of the vocals since I had dominated the song with vocals and it’s a mere 8 minutes long, how scary was that? (2005)

Eli-Jah – Say Yeah

Co-wrote this song with Eli in one night. We were determined to finish writing a song. We got through it but we were over the song the next day. He pretty much got totally over the song, but it just needs a house version to it. I loved the lyrics because it was positive and motivating and that’s definitely what we were trying to do. (2005)




Who’s Party Is This?

A blend of classic, bitch, and tribal house tracks. This mix does not make me a DJ however, I just blended and chopped stuff via Acid Forge in order to make everything work together somewhat. Which is why I chose the title!